Where I’ve Been Published

Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair.

The Australian Times: I’m less Australian since leaving Australia, Darren Hanlon in London, Aussies go Wilde for Constance in London, Europe on my mind

Blue-eyed Boy Bait: Canaries in the Cerebrum (poetry)

DIVA Magazine: 50 Cent’s new song, Be My Bitch, is a sapphic shame, Walk this way: Slutwalk 2012, Can lesbianism be a fashion statement?, The lesbian who cried wolf, I wish I was gay, Have you heard of Nikki Lynette yet?, Emily Hartridge wants to be a lesbian, Project Tottenham celebrates diversity in cinema, National Health Project for Lesbian & Bisexual Women Launched, You are invited to the Diversity Role Models Carnival!, The Cotton Ceiling: trans sexual politics, Meet Mélange Lavonne, hiphop’s luminary lesbian, Review: Amanda Palmer’s Theatre Is Evil, Berkeley’s on the right track for bisexual visibility, The New Normal: too much like the old normal?, Music Review: Caroline Gilmour. Also the short stories ‘A Fitting Encounter’ (Issue #210) and ‘Alissa in Wonderland’ (Issue #214).

g3 Magazine: Top 10 Hottest TV mums, Top 10 Locations for a First Date

The Girls Are: Review | Thomas Tantrum, Review | Doe Paoro, Review | Paloma Faith, Review | Alanis Morissette, Review | Rebekka Karijord, Review | Rilo Kiley, Review | Dungeonesse, Review | Meltdown Activism Weekend Saturday, Review | Meltdown Activism Weekend Sunday

Girls Who Fight: Geography (poetry)

Glitterwolf Magazine: Teeth are Ghosts that Haunt (poetry), The Yellow Dress (fiction)

global tolerance: Going Ape: Bonobos for Peace, BP: Bad Press, The Evolution of Communications, Blog Action Day 2010: Water is a Bridge, Why Global Tolerance?. In the ‘Tole-rants’ series: The F Word, Apathy, Activism and the X Factor, The lobotomy of literature, Gay Sandwiches, Converting the religious conversation, Street harassment, Intolerance, Twits, A silent night, PETA’s problematic PR strategy.

Gloom Cupboard: Stapler Boy (fiction)

Ink-Sweat-And-Tears: XXXX (poetry) [the site is down, but you can read a fine, fine review of the piece which contains the poem itself here]

Lesbilicious: Why are lesbians all vegetarian?, Is Avril Lavigne a lesbian now?

Medea Magazine: Lydia

Medieval Army: What The Sims 4 Cottage Living Expansion Pack Might Mean for Your Medieval Gameplay, Anvil Saga – The Medieval Blacksmithing Sim Where Your Decisions Matter

Offbeat Home: 1-up your living space with pixelated home decor

Oh Comely Magazine: The heart, dissected

Pink Paper: Lesbian widow petitions Supreme Court against DOMA

Shadowlocked: Whip It! Review, Robert Pattinson and the Kurt Cobain casting issue, Book Review: Kiss of Death by Rachel Caine

SPILT MILK: Semi-colon (poem)

The Stag: The Importance of Procrastination, Would You Like Flies With That?, Review: The Big Book of Lesbian Horse Stories, Review: Notes From an Exhibition, Vegemite vs. Marmite, Altered Books, The Disneyfication of English Literature, Review: The Seagull, Review: The Little Friend, Girl Power on the Pitch, Gems of Guildford, The Future of Our Bookstores, Five books on the Student Life, Will University Make You A Famous Writer?

Vagabondage Press: The Punk and the Princess (fiction), Poetry

Vintage Fashion Blog: Style vs Comfort, Six Ways to Shop Vintage, Unexpected Style Icon: Judy Jetson, Vintage Sizing — Beware!, Meet the Couple Who Are Living a Lifestyle From the 1920s!, The Delill Trunk Bag, Covergirl Cara Delevingne Rocks a 1960s-inspired Hairstyle in September Issue of Vogue Japan, Style Icon: Marlene Deitrich, WTF is Future Vintage?, Trend Alert: Chevron, Style Icon: Chloe Norgaard, How to Clean Vintage, 10 Apps for the Vintage Fashion Lover, The Kimono, Miley Cyrus Wears Vintage at the VMA, Katherine Jenkins Rocking a ’50s-Inspired Dress, Is the Ballet Skirt Due an Encore, or is it Tutu Much?, Sophie Ellis Bextor Borrows Audrey Hepburn’s Voice and Old Hollywood Elegance for Strictly Come Dancing Appearance, Style Icon: Margot Tenenbaum, Artist Lovingly Updates Disney Princesses With Dresses From the Year of Their Films

Voices @ Maggie’s Centre Nottingham: Floathing (poem)

When Sally Met Sally: Five Things You Shouldn’t Believe About Bisexual Women

Yearn for Adventure: Exploring the East Australian Coast, Airport Tips & Hacks, CouchSurfing – step outside your comfort zone, Top Ten Things to See in Gibraltar, Urban Exploration

Let’s pour one out for all the dead links.

My writing also appears in Nerve (anonymously), ‘NEW STREET ART‘ by Claude Crommelin and WordPlay: The Magazine of the English Subject Centre.

2 Responses to “Where I’ve Been Published”

  1. kassommers August 17, 2013 at 4:39 PM #

    The link above to WordPlay makes it a bit hard to find the blogs you did as an undergraduate English student. They are archived now and are available as downloadable Word documents at http://www.english.heacademy.ac.uk/explore/resources/studexp/blogs.php. (I think they should have turned them into .pdfs.)

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