Festival Guide: How to Camp the Camp Way

12 Oct

So this year I went to Reading, my first festival ever. It was so in tents you guys. Tommy has a full review here, it was a pretty amazing long weekend.

Festivals can be educational — you can learn how to use a she-wee, for one. But there are a few things that I wish I had been warned about. Here’s my list of what to bring to a festival if you want to maintain your dignity, in alphabetical order.

  • Air mattress – If you plan on actually sleeping, this really makes such a difference.
  • Alcohol – If it’s in a glass container, put it into plastic bottles or in your mouth before you get there.
  • Change of clothes – Because you will get wet. And not the sexy kind. A hoodie paired with leggings is a safe bet, as is anything that will still look slightly glamorous caked with mud.
  • Ladythings – Surfing the crimson wave is a pretty godawful experience at a festival. Ditch the tampons for another option, because the bathroom facilities are way fonder of hand-sanitiser than they are of taps, so you probably haven’t washed your hands all day. Eww.
  • Mirror – Take one small enough to fit in your bag and you’ll have one up on everybody else on the campsite.
  • Munchies – It’s easier to take things that you don’t have to cook, because it’s a pain to wash up.
  • Tent and sleeping bag – Duh.
  • Torch – Those tent pegs can be sly buggers in the middle of the night.
  • Wellies – If you think it won’t rain, it will.
  • Wet wipes – It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a lady in possession of a festival ticket, must be in want of a shower.

The easiest thing is to take as little as possible and, where possible, make someone else carry your stuff. But lucky for me, I don’t have to worry about all this next time. I’m seeing the King of Carrot Flowers at Butlins.

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