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Your Musicology is My Mythology. Featuring: Jedward

17 Jun

Since the very beginning, John and Edward Grimes have inspired worship and loathing in equal measure — think X Factor brand Marmite. You either wanted to spread them on your toast, or punch those cute quiffed little heads clean off. And you know what I did? I loved them. Loved them. Do you hear that, internet? I’m not even ashamed. I put them in my Spotify playlists. I play them at parties. And I’m going to tell you why.

Jedward are a bizarre phenomenon. They encapsulate ‘celebrity’ only in its most basic definition: the state of being well known. They are beautiful, brainless and their music is kind of rubbish – but from their first appearance on UK television, the twins have risen to stardom completely oblivious of their critics. Perhaps they explain it best and most simply themselves in the hook from their single ‘Lipstick‘:

“Here I come, here I come, dumb de dumb de dumb de dumb.”

Jedward are a postmodern comment on the fundamental triviality that is contemporary music. They hold a mirror to society and show us: this is what we have become. THIS IS WHAT WE HAVE BECOME. You don’t need to write songs any more to be marketable. You don’t need to be lyrical, you don’t even need to have talent. But what I love about Jedward is that they are so endearingly obvious, and so perfectly naïve in their approach towards the music industry, that one cannot help but think of them fondly. They are sincere only because they are so very clueless. They’re like Zoolander.

But for those of you who still aren’t converted, be comforted: at least Rebecca Black doesn’t have a twin.