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Lit Lyrics: Oh, Mr. Darcy – The Doubleclicks

20 Mar

Book Riot covered this song last year but I feel the need to bring it to all y’all’s attention because these bespectacled ladies from Portland have dedicated this song Mr Darcy and Colin Firth, the hunkiest reincarnation of the character that history has so far witnessed. And as we all know, Mr Darcy is the hunkiest dreamboat in all of literature to begin with.

Here it is:

This song remains really lovely and sarcastic at the same time. I can relate to lovely and sarcastic at the same time. The original video is worth a watch too. In fact, like me, you might want to spend the evening going through their YouTube backlog of love songs to internet trolls and D&D players, and cello covers of the Trogdor the Burninator theme song.

Happy Friday night!

Lit Lyrics: Dragons – Princess Nokia

12 Dec

You are the sweetest song
My king at night
I wanna look you in the eye
My moon, my moon, my sun

Is there anything better than this song? Probably not, I’ll bet. For one, it was inspired by┬áDrogo and Daenerys from ‘Game of Thrones’. For two, the video has the band Kittie in it for some reason, and takes place in an arcade. WIN WIN!