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Amsterdaaaayum, gurl!

30 Jun
If you ever watched Neighbours a few years back, you will remember Sky Mangel, and you will remember that she was awesome. Sky determined that the Secret of Happiness™ was a combination of at least two of the following three things:

1.  Being content in your career
2.  Being content in your love life
3.  Having something to look forward to

As we know, all things in soap operas are true; one of the twins is always evil, and you always drive off a cliff on your wedding night. So it should stand to reason that Sky’s formula for happiness holds too, right?

Basically, this is all a round about way of saying that I am going to Amsterdam tomorrow. That’s nice enough on its own, but the fact that I’m flying to the Never Say Netherlands with the girls from the bookshop is even more exciting, especially as our camping trip last year looked like this:

I’m going to try to continue to update while I’m over there. However, I’ve heard that the cafés there sell some kind of magic cake that makes you dance better so I might be too tired from throwin’ shapes or something.