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The Return of the King

10 Mar

Artist’s representation of a bunch of dudes reading my blog

Hello hi I’m thinking about bringing Gliterature back this year. I was going to do it anyway but this week the intimidatingly cool Lil Nonbinary Fashion linked to me and I’m panicking that I haven’t put up any new content since before I was born.

This is what I’ve learned from the search terms bringing y’all here to the site during my absence:

  • I should probably stop using the word ‘porn’ or ‘sex’ in blog titles
  • A lot of you really want me to do a review of Teresa Crane’s ‘Green and Pleasant Land‘ for some reason
  • People searching for “fathers in literature” and “why vampires suck now” still end up here, so those topics are timeless and I should do more of them
  • The most traffic comes in from my posts about Lime Crime makeup and Lolita feminism which are…. not book-related. So less of that in future
  • Folk are still searching for “solipsistic socialite” and as far as I know I’m the only person online to use that moniker & I am touched
  • Fair amount of Googlers can related to the Calvin & Hobbes quote “being a parent means wanting to hug and strangle your kid at the same time” make of that what you will
  • More of you are thirsty for Jedward than you will admit
  • Many of you were lost. Go in peace

I’m gonna think of some topics, perhaps, and post them, maybe. I do have plenty of drafts but they don’t seem appropriate. One is a bunch of 100-word reviews for the 100 books I read in 2014 – that was a while ago. One is a recipe for Hundred Acre Woods Honey Biscuits but I am vegan now. A lot are half-written book reviews for books that are no longer Fresh & New. I also wrote up an introduction to The Book Fairies, thought about it, and decided Book Crossing is still way better. I’ll think of something.

Speak to you later I love you byeeee x