LGBT+ Arts Night Part Two: Meet the Visual Artists!

17 Nov

Yesterday I told you about our speakers and performers. Are you ready to meet our totally amazing artists!?

Audrey Bishop

Audrey Bishop is a fellow Australian undercover, and for that she is rad. She obviously knows this — her Twitter handle is @audreyisrad. Audrey has set herself the task of completing 200 portraits. This has fittingly been termed the ‘200 Portraits Project‘. In her last project of a similar nature, Audrey completed 31 different paintings in a month, one for each day. Which is pretty incredible if you think about it. We’ll have two of her paintings on display and they are rather dashing if I do say so!

Just by the by, if you’re interested in getting involved in the 200 Portraits Project, email a picture of yourself to Audrey.

Emma Thomson

In art, Emma Thomson enjoys imperfections; with her collages, she “tries not to try”. She likes art that can unsettle you, hence why she sleeps next to a Francis Bacon print. Her interests include roller derby, ethical taxidermy and cats. She’s made some pretty fantastic pieces especially for the event, and they just happen to be for sale (so bring your pennies!).

Sylvia K

Sylvia K was born in a foggy and sleepy Italian town, in the last year of the 80’s. She illustrates simply because she couldn’t imagine not doing it, albeit her literary studies. She has shown her works in Pittsburgh and Baltimore, and collaborated with a handful of musical artists; among them her “patron” Amanda Palmer, who has made her part of her last artistic project for the album Theatre is Evil, showing two of her works in Berlin, London, New York, Boston, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Sylvia K likes Victorian literature, ethnic food, old French movies, the smell of second hand books and melancholic indie-pop. We’ll be showing five of Sylvia’s prints which will also be for sale. Hooray!

Paul Knight

From the very first day that Paul meet his partner, Peter in 2009 he started taking photographs. From that first meeting, he has images of the first time that they had sex, the first meal that they shared and the first time that they rested in each others company. Since then, Paul has chronicled their shared life.

This work depicts a couple in a very frank and intimate manner, capturing all the moments that make up the spectacular and banal within the everyday. This work is a quietly political offering to the history of the family snap-shot. It seeks to displace the chronological time-based narrative typically found in diaristc work and instead present a narrative formed via volume. It seeks to pull the bitter-sweat realisation of love and potential loss into the matter of the everyday – creating a realm where appetites offer themselves so that photography can feed on some of the objects of it’s obsessions.

Sina Sparrow

Sina Sparrow is a gay cartoonist and artist whose work deals with personal identity, emotions, sexuality, love and loneliness. His work is so amazing and personable and I am just so happy that he agreed to be a part of our arts night! If you can’t make it (though no excuse is a good excuse, really), his Tumblr is definitely worth a look.

Claudio Bindella

If you’ve seen Claudio Bindella’s work before, you’ll know why I am pleased as punch that he’s sending us over some of his work. His stuff is very very Gay and very very Cool.

…So what are you waiting for?

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