Topdeck Travel: Day Four

29 Jul

That’s right. Snow in summer.

This morning we had the option of taking Jungfrau Railway to the Jungfraujoch, the train station in the Swiss Alps which marks the top of Europe. Setting off after breakfast with a packed lunch, we boarded the train for the two hour journey to the top.

The first 2k of the train journey from Kleine Scheidegg (which translates as ‘Little Vagina Corner’ according to our tour guide…) runs through open terrain. It is impossible to describe how picturesque Switzerland is. After the first 2k there is a 10k journey through a tunnel actually hewn out of the alpine rock. The train stops twice on the way up to let its passengers adjust to the altitude.

At the top, the beauty takes your breath away (literally). Standing at the top of Europe was definitely a life-altering experience for me. I mean, have you ever been inside of a cloud? Or been sunburnt in freezing temperatures?! For a lot of people, today was their first snow; I can’t even imagine the impact that must have had. There was a perfect moment up the top when we were sitting in the white, making snowcones with our juiceboxes, and the Canadian girls were playing music on their phone. It was just one of those ‘woah I’m going to remember this forever’ moments. I think this trip is going to have a lot of them…

This is pretty much what it felt like huh.

I’m writing this in in Lauterbrunnen where we’re staying, and where they make a surprisingly good flat white. I have to head pretty soon – we’re having fondue.

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