Reviewing a View: Topdeck Travel

26 Jul

So I graduated last week.

Pics or it didn't happen.

Pics or it didn’t happen.

But as the opening line of Avenue Q so eloquently questions, “What can you do with a BA in English?”

Well: who has two thumbs, speaks limited french, and is going on a 14-day tour of Europe?

 This moi.

Yes, it’s time for something a little different here at The Solipsistic Socialite. At the time of writing, I’m currently sitting on a ferry bound for Calais, about to take the first leg of Topdeck’s European Wonder tour. This tour has many legs. It is like a centipede.

I plan to update sporadically during the next fortnight and update y’all about my travels through Paris, the Swiss Alps, Florence, Rome, Venice, Tyrol, the Rhine Valley, Amsterdam and Bruges. I am very excited. I am also scared out of my mind.

See you in Paris! x

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